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Flag Fact Friday
Jennifer Cooper
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Flag Fact Friday

Don't Tread on Me

Don't Tread on Me" is a very strong statement in the United States with very deep historical roots.  The phrase was written under the image of a rattlesnake and emblazoned on a yellow flag.  This is known as the Gadsden flag and falss within the historical flags on America.  The symbolism in the flag partnered by the image holds deep meaning.  Basically, the "Dont Tread on Me" phrase combined with the snake ready to strike is a warning.  This tells people not to step on or take advantage of the Americans or they will strike.  The use of the snake or more specifically the rattlesnake did not happen by chance.  The fact is that the eastern diamond back rattlesnake and the timber rattlesnake both fairly abundant within the colonies.  In a satirical article, Benjamin Franklin suggested that Americans send rattlesnakes to Britain as a response to their sending convicted criminals to the colonies.

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