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One Last Salute
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One Last Salute

The phone rang shortly after midnight on August 7th breaking the silence of the night.  The nurse at the nursing home asked for the family to come as my father in law had a critical downturn in his health.  Wayne Cooper had already slipped into eternity before the call was made but as family gathered around a father, husband, grandfather, great grandfather and war veteran, the emotions flow and memories flood your mind.


A man who had lived 93 years and loved his country and served in the US Navy during WWII.  A man who lived his life serving and loving others was now gone, but his example and legacy continues.  As the days passed and arrangements were made, his two grandsons who serve in the military were asked to unfold the US flag to be draped over his casket at the funeral service.  How could the tear not roll down my cheek watching my son and nephew in full dress uniforms and white gloves honor their grandfather in this way.  Wayne proudly wore his WWII Navy Veteran hat almost every day and proudly shared his experiences while serving his county with his children and grandchildren instilling in them pride for our country and respect for our flag.


At the graveside service, my son, John Andrew Cooper, Jr., gave his grandfather one last salute showing respect for a man he loved.



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